Kevin Childress


A Jack of Many trades, I tend to put myself deep into the company process to help build and create quality titles. I have extensive experience with graphic design and user interfaces. Working with companies as large and renown as Blizzard, Games Workshop, Paramount and the Lord of the Rings foundation.

Currently I am involved heavily with Facebook API and iOS titles such as Castle Age (FB and iOS), Monster Story, Heart of Darkness and upcoming exciting games from Phoenix Age Studios. Castle Age iOS has ranked consistently in the top 25 of iOS grossing apps since launch. I am also responsible for Producer roles, communicating with other staff ensuring "the spice flows" and progress continues to an excellent standard. My personality is both confident and friendly allowing me to be respected and trusted by fellow co workers.

My past experience with Fantasy Flight Games allowed me to work in the board game/RPG industry building graphics for popular titles such as Decent, Talisman, World of Warcraft/Starcraft boardgames, LOTR LCG Card Game and an extensive library of Games Workshop (40k/Fantasy) titles.

Specialties:Graphic Design, Management, Internships, Computers, Soil Consulting, Art, User Interface Design, Facebook, iOS, User Interface, Producing, Quality Assurance, Community Management, Game Design


San Francisco, CA